Increasing boiler efficiency by installing Turbolator

Turbolator or Tube Inserts are spiral blades placed inside the tubes of boilers and Firt Tube placed and apart from giving rotational mode will cause the smoke flow into the pipe from laminar flow to turbulent flow. As you know, heat transfer rate is much higher in Turbolant than Laminar flow. The presence of these fins increases heat transfer in the boiler and consequently increases combustion efficiency and reduces the temperature of combustion products (smoke). For every 15 degree reduction in smoke temperature, about 1% boiler efficiency increases. The existence of tubulator inside boiler tubes has an undeniable impact on boiler efficiency, reducing thermal energy losses, and reducing energy consumption.

Types of turbulator

  • Twisted tape

  • Bent strip

  • Corrugated strip

  • Helix wire

Turbulators are released in two simple and corrugate types and their use depends on the boiler capacity, fuel type, and burner installed on the boiler. Corrugate type of turbulator has the ability to increase the efficiency up to nine percent. Turbulator twisting step is calculated based on the characteristics of the boiler and burner, and is different in each model of boiler. Installation of turbulator on the third pass of boiler is possible in all sizes, but the installation turbulator on the second pass, there are considerations and this may not be done on some boilers or doing it may need some changes to the burner. If turbulator can also be installed in the second pass, increasing the overall efficiency up to twelve percent is not too far-fetched. Turbulator installation is very simple and does not require welding or plumbing, and it is enough to open the front door of the boiler and place the turbulator within smoke pipes; the operation time ranges up to two hours.