Portable systems :

Given the need of some industries for steam, hot water, and hot oil packages with mobility and transport abilities in different projects, Arvinbokhar Thermal Industries has attempted to design and build mobile powerhouses in form of containers or on appropriate platforms, each of which contains the equipment set forth below.

  1. The features of boilers package

Equipped with boiler with facilities and instrumentation

Sand filter

Resin softener

Chemical Injection System

Soft water storage tank


Temperature and water level control system

Fuel storage tank

Blow Down Tank


Magnetic softener

Electrical Switchgear Control Set

  1. Features of Hot Water Boiler packages

Equipped with Hot Water Boilers with facilities and instrumentation

Resin Softener

Expansion tank

Water storage tank

Source with coil

Circulation system

Pumps and transfer valves

Entry and exit collectors

Nitrogen gas injection system

Electrical Switchgear Control Set

– Features of hot oil boiler packages

Equipped with hot oil rooms with facilities and instrumentation

Heat oil storage tank

Expansion tank

The circulation system including a pump and valves

Heat Exchanger

Oil level control system in expansion tank

Feed pump and corresponding valves

Entry and exit collectors

Nitrogen gas injection system

Automatic pressure and flow control system

Separator and heater block

 Electrical Switchgear Control Set