Hot oil boiler

Hot oil boilers are made in the form of coils and three assists for a capacity of 300,000 to 600,000 kilocalories kcal per hour per hour and a maximum working temperature of 320 ° C and at a pressure of 10 bar in both horizontal and vertical are made.

  • Designing and manufacturing according to ASME standards meeting the requirements of DIN 4754, IPS-M-AR 105 standards

  • All testing and inspection operations during the construction are done by the third and inspector approved by the technical inspection and quality inspection standard of Iran

  • The capacity from 300,000 kilocalories per hour to 6,000,000 kcal per hour

  • Hot oil machine in both horizontal and vertical forms as a coil tube at three thermal passes design temperature 350 ° C and 320 ° C operating temperature allowed.

  • Has the Chamber of oil rotation at the end of the thermal that oil boiler will enter into the boiler.

  • Shell made of alloy steel 17mn4 (DIN17155) to a thickness of 10 mm that is arc welded by automatic welding machine

  • Ultrasonic testing of longitudinal and circumferential welds to 100%.

  • Shell inner surface will be covered by refractory mass of 1300 ° (NC 11-13) to a thickness of 50 mm.

  • All pipes used in coils are of Sch40, St 35.8 (DIN 17155) alloy connected to each other by arc welding and radiographic testing of welds will be performed.

  • Equipped with drop-down door that is embedded in the body and enables removing and moving of end chamber and coils completely by rails embedded in the Shell floor.

  • All welding electrodes used are of E7018, E6010 type brand BOHLER or GEKA used as pre-heated.

  • Isolation of body by compact wool-rock with a density of 100 KG/M3

  • Veneer of polished stainless steel with a thickness of 75/0 mm